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5 illustrazioni raccontate

130esimo appuntamento con 5×1 – 5 opere x 1 artista, la rubrica dedicata ad artisti, illustratori e creativi talentuosi che, di volta in volta, si presentano ai nostri lettori con cinque illustrazioni raccontandocene la storia, le tecnica e tutte quelle curiosità “dietro il foglio… o lo schermo”.
Direttamente dalla Francia oggi conosciamo Yann Bastard (è il suo vero nome…)!

Ecco cosa ci racconta: «My name is Yann Bastard (that’s my real name), I was born in Spain and grew up in France. I studied graphic design, but quickly realised I was more into drawing than designing fonts. When I illustrate, I feel like a child playing with construction blocks ; I’m always trying to tell a story, even in a single picture. I work almost only for the press, but I would love to design album covers and to publish books for kids.»

This illustration was made for a kids fanzine. It’s actually a game : the goal is to find the ten little devils hidden in the mansion. Seeing the kids play it, I realised i twas actually ridiculously easy ; designing a good game is hard !!! Although I made this a while ago now, and it’s far from perfect, it’s one of my favourite works so far, and I had a blast doing it.

I designed the cover of a cultural agenda that you can get for free in several cities of the West of France. There was no actual theme, except for the period it covered, wich was october-november ’17. Which means I designed this in August-September, when the sun was still shining and people still had a nice tan, and were in a good mood. Cold weather depresses me, so this was actually a way for me to say  « screw you Fall, bring back Summer ! ».

A few years ago, a nice guy named Roger Omar invited me to participate to an ongoing project of his called « El Monstruo de colores no tiene boca » (which translates as « the colorful monster has no mouth ». It’s about illustrating kids’ dreams : mine was about a girl who dreamed that her bedroom was full of snails battling each other in a war. I immediatly pictured the scene and added my « seen from above video-game » touch to it.

I’m fascinated by homoeroticism in art, especially the works of Bob Mizer and Tom of Finland. This is a personal drawing, that I made after doing a lot of commissioned work where I had to be at least a bit politically correct, and I felt like doing something a bit nasty, hence the big jeans bulge. It’s funny because this mysterious cowboy character keeps popping in my projects, although I don’t remember having a cowboy fetish…

I made this for an awesome French magazine called « Qu’est-ce qu’on fait ?! » (which translates as « What do we do ?! ») which unfortunately doesn’t exist as a printed media anymore. It was about sports obviously, and while browsing for ideas I doodled this trio of football players covering their privates and I knew I HAD to get it accepted into the magazine. The art director/graphic designer was adorable and changed the entire layout for it to fit. I was really happy about it because I love inserting butts in my work whenever I get the chance!

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