5×1 #111

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5 illustrazioni raccontate

110 e non sentirli! 5×1 – 5 opere x 1 artista, la rubrica dedicata ad artisti, illustratori e creativi talentuosi che, di volta in volta, si presentano ai nostri lettori con cinque illustrazioni raccontandocene la storia, le tecnica e tutte quelle curiosità “dietro il foglio… o lo schermo”, ormai è un vero raccoglitore di ispirazioni e racconti!
Oggi vi presentiamo un ospite internazionale! Étienne Strubbe!

Ecco cosa ci racconta: «I’m Étienne, illustrator and animator from Belgium.
I started learning illustration for kids. It was just before the computer went popular and affordable at home, so still it doing with paper, paint and dirty fingers. Then rapidly I felt the urge to see these drawings in motion. I was also very inspired by the works of Henry Selick, Jim Henson and the Aardman Studios. So I entered an animation/cinema academy, started animating toys in stop-motion and ended up working on tv series and music videos (eg for Björk and Vive la Fête). In 2012 I also published my first illustration book “365 monsters”»

I love drawing monsters. It’s been a long time since I’m using them to picture some of my feelings, the ones that should stay hidden but are too big to ignore. In a sense this is the essence of the monsters too, no? (in 2012 I published a book made of 365 of these “daily” monsters)

I’m obsessed with long arms. When I draw a character, I like to use them, or the legs, as a path to follow, a way to read the picture, a road connecting the elements together, and  telling a story. And if it loops at the end, it’s even better!

I love mixing cute and sad, allowing the viewer to feel something that isn’t black or white, but rather a mix of feelings, possibly with contrast.

I love bright and flashy colors. In real life I find it hard to use and show colours, so when I’m drawing I like to make them explode, as a way to compensate.
This drawing also shows my love for pop culture, in general.

In the same way, I like mixing naïve to more naughty stuff. As I don’t consider sex a taboo and sometimes feel like drawing about that theme, I think using cute drawings makes it more funny, softer and probably less offensive. (+ I love drawing apples, probably influenced by the work of Richard Scarry)

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