by Valentina Mosè

Ho un problema con l’Inghilterra.

Chi mi conosce lo sa: ho un problema con l’Inghilterra. O meglio, amo così tanto quel paese che qualsiasi input arrivi dalla “Perfida Albione” nella mia testa passa per una corsia preferenziale e, quando si tratta di musica, riceve un ascolto prioritario. È statistica che ogni tanto rimanga delusa, ma devo riconoscere che sono più le volte che scopro delle “chicche”, come nel caso di Tusks (aka Emily Underhill) e del suo debut album, ‘Dissolve’, che uscirà il prossimo 13 ottobre. Fine esempio della visione artistica di questa giovanissima e affascinante songwriter londinese è “Dissolve”, title track e lead single del disco: una ballata notturna potente e appassionata che conduce immediatamente l’ascoltatore in un mondo sonoro intenso e, allo stesso tempo, glaciale.

L’album combina spirito elettronico scandinavo e ispirazione indie-pop: in altre parole, copre quasi tutti i miei ascolti musicali. Quindi mi è stato facile inviarle delle domande per un’intervista.

* Your music sounds a bit Scandi, it creates rarefied atmospheres and sometimes gives the idea of empty open spaces at night. Do you see yourself in this description? What have been your biggest inspirations?

Yeah totally. I love being in the open and in nature so I think subconsciously I was creating that through the production. My biggest inspirations have probably been Sigur Ros, Daughter and Foals. I love the emotion and power behind their music.

* You’re quite young… When did you start making music and when did you decide that music was your career?

I don’t think there were defining moments for either of those – I used to mess around on the piano in my parents house and have lessons when I was growing up but I was always more interested in doing art than music. Then I only started doing music full time as a career when I was signed last year – I think it was always just something that I was working away on whilst doing other things and jobs and now I’ve managed to make it work as a career which is sweet.

* In ‘Dissolve’ there are 3 songs about cities: Paris, Toronto and London (‘London thunder’, more precisely). What do they mean for you? For instance, are they cities that you particularly love or hate either you recently visited?

I love all three of those cities- Toronto was called Toronto because I wrote it when I was there last year. It’s an amazing place. Paris I wrote after the Bataclan attack – it was such a tragic event which really hit me and it was written after I watched an interview the next day of a man who’d lost his wife in the attack. It’s about how you’d try and keep someone you loved alive in your mind if you lost them? Or what I imagine I would do in that situation. It’s really dark.
London Thunder I listened to on a plane on the way home to London from Canada – I think I was really sleep deprived and it struck a chord with me. I learnt a cover of it and loved playing it so much that it ended up on the album.

* I hear that a great deal from songwriters about songs swirling around in their head and they write them down or record the melody as soon as it happens: is that your case or you are a more reflective person? Maybe you spend time every day writing and playing… In other words, what is your style of composition in music? 

I’m definitely really spontaneous and undisciplined with my writing. When I’m in the mood I’ll do it and these songs will come out from what I guess is my subconscious and then I’ll record a rough version of them and start working on them. I would like to try different composition styles for the next album though- I think going against your default can create interesting results. I definitely want the next album to explore new sounds.

* I especially loved the song ‘Last’: could you tell me its story?

I was just in a shit situation and I’d invested so much time and energy into this person and was getting messed around and it was a painful time in my life. I remember I text my friend about it and she was like ‘just write a song about it’ so I did and I think it’s one of my favourites. I don’t know what it was but I felt totally empowered at the time rather than defeated and I think that’s why its so upbeat and way more aggressive than some of the other tracks.

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