5×1 #84

by Redazione DATE*HUB

5 illustrazioni raccontate

Un nuovo appuntamento con 5×1 – 5 opere x 1 artista, la rubrica dedicata ad artisti, illustratori e creativi talentuosi che, di volta in volta, si presentano ai nostri lettori con cinque illustrazioni raccontandocene la storia, le tecnica e tutte quelle curiosità “dietro il foglio”. Conosciamo Mijal Lebel, illustratrice e textile-designer trapiantata a Milano direttamente da Tel Aviv.

Ecco come si presenta: «My name is Mijal, I’m an illustrator, graphic, textile and surface designer. Before coming here to Milan I lived and worked in Tel Aviv, though my hometown is the beautiful ancient roman city of Caesarea situated along the coast of Israel.
I graduated in Visual Communication and majored in Illustration. Recently I decided that working with the substance is what I want to do, what led me to the decision to come here to Italy and get my Master in Textile and Surfaces from Istituto Marangoni. Nowadays I mainly work as a freelance Illustrator and graphic designer from Milan but I’m definitely looking for my next adventure.
I believe that knowing and mastering different disciplines, taking interest, experiencing and experimenting in a variety of fields, can make us better at what we do.”

1* Lady in Gold
I would start with this one: Participating in the Istanbul ITHIB contest through Marangoni I created four different designs for a given subject and color pallet. This designs are target to be used in the fashion industry and work together as a collection. The technique would be jacquard, enriched with gold and silk thread (just imagining it gives me the chills!). The subject; Terra , or in its translation to Hebrew- אדמה, describes the earth in the coming fall, changing colors and appearance, creating new sensations.
I connected each design with a song which I translated from Hebrew to English. This Lady in Gold is one of the four designs and the most detailed one as a complete illustration telling the story while the other three are rich patterns. you can find all four in my website. (sad fact: I didn’t pass the first stage of the competition)


2* Cancion del Enamorado y la Muerte
This one is a special one because its a subject I’ve been working on for a while. This illustration is a part of a Master project in which I created four different surfaces that match together in one room as interior design, using different materials in a unified language.
The starting point of this project was a childhood memory regarding Spanish lullabies my mother used to sing to me (my mother is Argentinian as a big part of my childhood). Lullabies that passed through my family for generations carried by the female voice, each one with her own interpretation. Mine was giving the visual to the spoken. In this project which is called Global Roots I wanted to bring my personal past and simplify it to a global one that can be empathized by anyone. I wanted to create a feeling, a nostalgic yearning to the past. Not a specific one but one we can identified with.
The title of this one is translated into ‘a song of a lover and death’. It tells about lady death appearing to a man while he thinks it is his love knocking on his door. Lady death who came to take the man gives him one hour to say his goodbyes to his love. Trying to reach her, the rope breaks and his time is up. (pretty heavy.. but lullabies tend to be scary and not that innocent as we use to think).

3* Luna
Well this one is also part of the previous project described for my Master. But I can say that this one which is target to be a glow in the dark wallpaper (I wish someday I can really have it done) is a kind of a closer for it all. The different figures in the sky are from different lullabies (6 to be exact), all together in the endless starry sky, as their final destination. The bear and the moon is from another story of Mother Goose (I have it tattooed also).

4* The Snow Queen
This one is also part of my Master year. In Trend class we were asked to create a trend-book which is a fascinating thing for itself. Practically its researching a lot (which I love to do) and come up with a big story and some sub-stories according to a new trend I invented. This is where my creativity and my strong narrative thinking as an illustrator comes into action in another field of design and what makes it so interesting for me. My big story was the influence of the Nordic culture (the saga) on the global one. Which means to deal with a lot of dark and melancholic material, some wonder and some super-natural. One of my sub-stories was called “East of the Sun and West of the Moon”- a Norwegian fairy tale. In this sub-stories I created an image inspired by the Nordic story telling, Hans Christian Andersen and the great Kay Nielsen. The result was a kind of a new Snow Queen (I’d really like to illustrate the whole book as it is a magical one!).

5* Alfonsito de Borbon
For this last one I decided to go back from where it all started (as all the other four illustrations here are from the last year). Back to when I used to do everything by hand. This is another lullaby from when I just started to deal with this subject. I chose to present it as a gif, endless and repetitive, as lullabies usually are. This one originally was accompanied with my mother’s voice singing the song. Alfonsito de Borbon is a sad Spanish lullaby that tells the story of a king looking for his missing queen Mercedes. On his way he encounters the duke telling him his queen is dead. By the shadows of the castle Alfonsito finds Mercedes. Once he asks her to hug him she answers that she cant. Her arms are berried underground. Tough but beautiful.

WEB* www.mijalebel.com