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Succede in Mexico!

Nuncio-CasanovaQuesta è la storia di un’amicizia particolare tra un umano dal cognome importante, Nuncio Casanova, e il suo fidato compare Brontosauro. È una storia che prende forma attraverso una tecnica antica quale il collage ed è una storia ricca di personaggi fantastici, luoghi mitici e risate. Abbiamo fatto una chiacchierata con Nuncio per scoprire chi è e da dove nasce questa storia.

«One day I stole a ragged magazine. I walked away the reading room while whistling nervously. Later, alone, I took that old art feuilleton out of my sweated shirt and there I met missus Dumont who taught me how to cut and paste old prints and photographs which show the way one must behave when at the table with an oiled wrestler queen.»


To begin: who’s Nuncio Casanova?
I seriously suspect that Nuncio is a lunatic; not in the sense that he is a crazy person with a rattling noise of loosen bolts in his head, but rather that he is a real native of the moon, with a rattling noise of loosen bolts in his head. Nuncio likes language and fancy unwonted words, and he loves Spanish meter; you could see him constantly counting syllables when he walks on the street. He hates to talk about himself in the third person and also the second question of every questionnaire, test or interview.


What did you like to read and draw when you was a kid?


And in nowadays what inspire you most?
To dream and to daydream: I spend at least half hour in the morning having every kind of outlandish fantasies, is like my morning aerobics. And also anarchy (ontological), Bach (J. S.), coffee (moka pot brewed), dada (Dada), echolalia (echolalia), Freud (Sigmund), germs (not deadly), heresy (blasphemy and), Internet (the), Jarry (Alfred), Kafka (Franz), Lacan (Jacques), Mahler (Gustav), nap (lunch followed by a), O’Brien (Flann), Polley (Sarah), Quay (brothers), Roussel (Raymond), Schulz (Bruno), Tesla (Nikola), Ubu (king), Varo (Remedios), Walser (Robert), X (words that begin with), yolks (egg), and Z (listings organised alphabetically from A to).


Let’s talk about your friend the Brontosaurus, how do you come up with this nice story?
Let me remember; if I’m not wrong It was a dark and stormy night, and suddenly the roof collapsed… no, wait, It was in the morning and the roof make a loud cracking noise, and I rolled in the bed trying to fall asleep again and damning the brontosaurus that was already awake and jumping all over the roof. Somebody told me that roofs make such noises due to weather changes, but I am quite sure they are making it up.


Ash, ash tell us a secret about your Brontosaurus.
I’m sorry to disapoint you, but brontosaurus have no secrets, they are so massive that they can’t do anything but in plain sight, and so naive. I’m in charge of secrets and plots, and I already said too much.


If we come to Mexico and step by Oaxaca where would you suggest us to go and and what would you suggest to do?
No, no, don’t come! There are werewolves and streptococcus ramping on the streets… I mean, there are a lot of colorful and noisy markets, museums and libraries and a lot of stuff to go and do and see and bite and drink, but my favorite things in the city are the wonderful library of art and literature of the Instituto de Artes Gráficas de Oaxaca (IAGO), it worths visit Oaxaca just for that one, and the terrace of café Los Cuiles where I like to sit and write every other morning.


Your personal goodbye to our readers.
I’m going to bed. Good night.