by Redazione DATE*HUB

«I’m like a living sponge!»


Illustratore, grafico, animatore, character design: sono tanti i campi battuti dalla creatività dell’argentino Patricio Oliver. Gli abbiamo chiesto di “auto-intervistarsi” e scegliere per DATE*HUB una selezione della sua vastissima produzione…


«Born in 1977 in the province of Neuquen, Argentina. He studied graphic design at the University of Buenos Aires, where he is a professor of Tipografy since 2000.
In each of its activities, PO! has always tried to be a generator of new worlds, centered on fantasy and collective imagination. He pays special attention to Victorian culturecomicbookshorror film aesthetics and everything to do with the supernatural universe


«As an illustrator and designers he is currently working for clients such as Rolling Stone Magazine ArgentinaLAN magazineBBDO ArgentinaAdidasCartoonNetwork. His work has been published by Die GestaltenTaschenIndexMonsaBelioIDN and Moebius Publisher


«He has participated in exhibitions and conferences in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Thailand, Germany, USA, Spain, Canada, Taiwán.»


«His creations have finally crossed the barrier of paper and screen, and have been made in the form of vinyl toys, for companies like Red Magik China, Kid Robot, Toy2R, Raje Toys, UnboxIndustries and Mugo


«Literature, Music, Movies, classic illustrators, folk, different cultures. I’m like a living sponge. I just need to investigate, look for strange references, symbols, graphics, ceremonies. customs. I love old movies, classic horror and bizarre directors from Europe and Asia. Italian and french horror is just amazing! Im also a huge fan of the victorian and Edwardian customs and clothing. Im a bit time displaced when it comes to references and I love to mix all!»


«Artists Most are related to illustration or comics: Charley Harper, Edward Gorey, Chris Ware, Adrian Tomine, Mike Mignola, Mary Blair, Bruce Tim, Battaglia, Eyvind Earle, Tezuka, The Provensen, Tartakovsky, Mc Craken uf and many many more!


«I have a huge universe of characters called the Tenebrae from were I usually chose from when I have to develop a toy. Sometimes the companies want big figures and since I want all my figures to be on scale I have to be sure that if the figure is bigger than 3.5 inches then the character has to be a giant, a monster or a character that is taller for a particular reason.»


«When I have to adapt one of my characters to a pre established platform and shape, I try not to use the main characters from my universe since I want those to be produced as a brand new sculpt.»


«If I have no choice but to create a completely new character, I start to do some sketches and write down ideas about it in my notebook. This is something that Ive been doing for the last couple of years and that I didnt used to do. Im more of a digital illustrator but Ive learned to understand how important is to pick and pencil and sketch before jumping into the computer!»


«The Tenebrae is a dark and magical world whose amazing inhabitants live on a never-ending struggle to coexist in peace. With the ever-growing menace of the Horror Forest, the Pentacle Village protectors won’t rest until this deviant and evil creatures cease on their quest for power and darkness.»


«Basically what I did with the Teneabre was to create a world out of my imagination and all the things I like. We have a more Asian ever snowing land with spirits and Kaidan characters, a Victorian magical fantastic world more connected to magic, folk and myth, a dark obscure forest were the most evil characters live and a more retro steampunk russian land.  All this characters are connected one way or the other and the are all part of a big story Im planning to publish maybe this year or next.»


«At the moment Im working on a book called The book of  Tenebrae that will introduce fans to my characters story and on an animated short based on the same universe.»


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