by Redazione DATE*HUB

Dal riff alla gif!

*La domenica di DATE*HUB è SUNDAY GIF, post fatti solo di gif animate giganti… perché la domenica non hai nessuna voglia di accendere il cervello e vuoi solo passare la giornata fissando dei loop ipnotici!*

CI sono tutti, dagli scarafaggi di Liverpool a quel mattoide di Psy col suo tormentone (o dovremmo chiamarlo tormento?) Gagnam Style, passando per i Rolling Stones e i The Who, per i Ramones e Beck, per Micheal Jackson e i White Stripes: ognuno di loro ha avuto il suo momento di celebrità – per alcuni ben più si 15 minuti – e ognuno ha fatto la storia della musica.
Li rende pixel art e li anima il newyorkese Joshua Carraffa, che, come lui stesso ammette, ha tre passioni: gli 8 bit, la musica e il gruppo di cui è chitarrista, gli Old Monks. Il bello è che oltre la gif ci racconta anche brevemente il momento storico, come fosse un piccolo bignami per aspiranti rockstar. Chissà che prima o poi potrà realizzare una gif animata in cui ritrae sé stesso sul palco del più grande concerto del mondo!


1964.  The beatles play the ed sullivan show. Everyone is all “aaaaaah”. Especially the ladies.


1966.  The Rolling Stones release paint it, black.  it becomes the first number one single in the us/uk to feature a sitar. george harrison was jealous.


1971.  Led Zeppelin releases their fourth album, and become the biggest band in the world.  They do this by singing about hobbits and magic and wizards and stuff. It’s true.  Also, it’s awesome.


1981.  MTV is launched.  At first, it’s cool.  But then we all know what happened.  Ozzy Osbourne was one of the first to realize this.  Immediately after MTV launched, he had visions of its fate, and he got so angry he bit the head off of a dove. It’s all true.


1983.  Michael Jackson debuts the moonwalk on Mo Town 25 during Billie Jean.  He’s pretty dang good at it. The ladies are all “aaaaaah”.  MJ is all “whatev”.


1985.  Marty McFly travels back in time to 1955 to write Johnny B Goode for Chuck Berry.  This was depicted in great detail in the documentary film, Back To the Future. This is all true.


1992.  Guns N’ Roses releases their sweeping symphonic rock epic, November Rain.  It has one of the most expensive and longest music videos of all time ($1.2 million, 9 min 8 sec).  Also, a guy jumps on a cake for some reason. When I was 10 there was nothing I wanted to do more than take a guitar solo whilestanding on a grand piano with a large orchestra behind me.


1995.  Tupac releases his most sensitive record, Me Against the World.  Subsequently he becomes the first artist to have a record reach number oneon the charts while serving a prison sentence.  Also, he wrote a screenplay and got married while imprisoned. Also, remember when Chris Tucker was in his music video?


1997.  Radiohead releases OK Computer, and it goes on to become one of the mostcritically acclaimed records of all time.  They released a couple of great videos, and a guy plays ping pong with an angel.  Also a guy cuts his own limbs off for some reason. Also, this album has one of the sweetest riffs ever written.


2001.  The Strokes release their debut, Is This It.  The garage rock revival of the modern era has begun, and The Strokes are its brightest stars.  This album is perfectly constructed with live takes, minimal production, and simple-but-ridiculously-catchy songwriting. Then, to celebrate making such a great album, they played Family Feud with Guided by Voices.


2003.  The White Stripes release their fourth album, Elephant.  The garage rock revival continues, and The White Stripes are the most commercially successful of the bunch.  They are punky and bluesy, raw and rocky, red and white, and so, sostylish. Also, they have amazing music videos.  Plus, Beck likes to show up in said videos.  So good.


2005.  LCD Soundsystem releases their debut album.  Electronic and dance music begin to overtake the garage rock revival in popularity, but James Murphy takes a bit of both to create incredible dance punk albums.  Then Daft Punk plays at his house. And not a single edge was lost.


2012.  Psy releases his music video for Gangnam Style.  Never before has an artist so foreign been able to make such a huge impact with one crazy music video.  And this video is definitely crazy.  Also great. This is the Platonic Ideal of a viral sensation.


1974.  Ramones play their first show.  Oldie hooks. Classic chord changes.  Punk guitar.  Punk attitude.  Punk hyperspeed. Punk is awesome.


1996.  Beck releases his fifth album, Odelay.  It’s full of some goofy samples, wacky lyrics and a bunch of hit singles.  To celebrate, Beck walks around New York City carrying a boombox and talks about haircuts. Then he rocked us all to a place called Make Out City.