by Redazione DATE*HUB

Musicisti in bianco e nero e modelle in colorama.

Emily Roper è una fotografa neozelandese che ha scritto a DATE*HUB e da subito ci è sembrata una ragazza talentuosa. Di solito chi si avvicina alla fotografia si districa tra vari stili, inquadrature, esercizi di stile. Tra modelle che sembrano uscite da un pic-nic del 1965 e musicisti il più delle volte sospesi in un bianco e nero evocativo, le foto che Emily ci ha spedito per presentarsi ci hanno colpito proprio per questo: hanno una sincerità d’animo pura, si nota subito che nascondono pochissima “costruzione” (al massimo un’acconciatura azzeccata) e nascono direttamente da quella parte di corpo (cuore, anima, chiamatela come volete) che molti fotografi scordano di avere, persi dietro set milionari o donnine nude con sfondi bianchi che non accecano più. Emily è sincera e si vede, e per questo ci sono piaciute le sue fotografie.
Emily stessa ci racconta il suo rapporto con i musicisti che ha avuto l’occasione di ritrarre…
I love the excitement of photographing live music performances. There’s something about the atmosphere, and also the emotion involved in a live performance that I love to capture. It’s like I’m capturing these musicians at their most vulnerable moments, a lot of truth of their personality is exposed while they’re performing.

Kelsey Lawn is an artist that I discovered purely by chance, and I am so glad that I found her! This girl is extraordinary, not just because her voice is beautiful but she has so much talent in song writing as well. We are planning to create a music video together one day in the not-so-distant future, so stay tuned…

Miles Calder was playing alongside Ali at a recent gig here in Wellington. Keep an eye out for that name – trust me, this guy is going places!

I first discovered Ali Whitton (AKA “Lost Bird”) about two years ago when my sister took me along to one of his gigs. I was so blown away by his music that I ended up hounding him at the end of his set to let me make him a music video. He’s one person who I click with so well creatively, and we’ve now worked on a few different projects together.

E, com’è d’uopo, ecco una biografia di Emily, ovviamente in lingua madre: Emily Roper is based in Wellington, New Zealand. Photography has always been a part of her life, starting with her upbringing in rural New Zealand with a father who was a photographer, through to her training at the New Zealand Broadcasting School in film and television production. It was during this time that her sense for the still image was sharpened, and she became increasingly passionate about the possibilities of capturing a whole story in a single frame. She has now been working professionally as a photographer/video artist for a year through her business “Clipic”.
Her personality shows in her work, with a colourful and often quirky style which is reflected in her images. Influenced by her background in moving image, she loves to manipulate her ability to bring time to a standstill in her photographs, often echoing movement and a 3-dimensional look in her work. Depth of field is always present in her photography, as she plays with the focus and aperture settings to capture the most intriguing and candid qualities of the subject.