by Siriana F. Valenti

Holly ha un cognome bellissimo…

Holly Luckwell. Già, “luckwell” è un bellissimo cognome. Suona molto meglio di un italico “Benvenuti” o “Fortunati”, con un cognome così non puoi che essere sorridente e felice. Felice di essere una giovane designer londinese, fidanzata con una “vecchia” conoscenza di DATE*HUB, Gregory Talon, il batterista di quei Dead Pirates che hanno regalato a DATE*HUB un concerto scatenato che ancora fa eco in quel di Milano. L’abbiamo intervista perché Holly è soprattutto una talentuosa fashion designer e le abbiamo chiesto quali sono le sue passioni, le sue aspirazioni e se davvero, come si dice, la vita da “ragazza di un musicista” è così scatenata come ci raccontano sui magazine…

* Ciao Holly, for first let’s start with presentation. Who’s Holly Luckwell and from where do you come from?
I was born in perth western australia and moved to London 8 years ago. I always wanted to study fashion but there weren’t the same oppurtunities back home. my parents and most of my family are  british born so id always wanted to live here.  Im quite a quiet person, when im not working i like to watch a lot of movies, listen to music, go to yoga and spend time with the people I love. I feel a strong connection to where i grew up which i think comes across in my designs. I like the idea of creating wearable things that have a unique and individual quality. i live in broadway market with my boyfriend gregory who is the drummer for The Dead Pirates and our cat Pepe. I love our flat you can see the canal from our living room and theres a big park nearby. Theres lots of nice cafes, pubs and restaurants near to us and most of our friends are walking distance away.

* You graduated last year from the London College of fashion. Looking at your S/S 2012 collection I can say you’re a very talented creative. And I think your Australian origins are strongly rapresented in your work. I think at the colors, red and pink but I also think at the softness of the materials… remind me a perfect day of sun and wind. What push you to start draw and make it become a work? Where does your inspirations come from?
Music  has a lot to do with Gregory & I getting together. We met at a mutual friends birthday and were friends for over a year before we got together, we’d chat online about music and share songs. Gregory has the best taste in music of anyone I know, he’s always making me discover new artists. I love that he has the band and is doing something he loves, he’s very dedicated, one of the things that inspires me about him.

* Your next 2013 S/S collection we’ll be ruled by sort of Circus Carousel imaginery. Can you give us a preview of the stories behind these creations?
I’d just love to see everyday girls like me wearing my designs.

*Which performers, actors, musicians, writer would you like to be dressed with your Circus creations?
I’ve always drawn since I can remember, I did art all through my schooling and my mother always encouraged me to draw and be creative. I take inspiration from everywhere, a lot of it comes from vintage films and photographs. I adore beautiful images, people & characters. I  love anything that tells a story.  For my last collection i looked at 60s french cinema and in particular Jean Luc Godards film Pierrot le Fou. I like a lot of the french new wave aswell as directors like Roman Polanski, Sofia Coppola & Wes Anderson.

* You’ve a wonderfull and very old fashioned second name. Luckwell, reminds me something connected to the iconography of wind / sail / ship / dice. You’re also dating, and living with, the drummer of The Dead Pirates. It comes to my mind like you both were ment to be toghether by fate. How’s your relation with music and how Gregory’s music inspire you most?
I found an old picture of a french circus troupe from 1916 it started from there. Gregory and i went to California earlier this year which was a big inspiration and i really loved all of the colours of the landscape, the desert and the light.

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